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Videoconferencing is an instant, cost-effective communication tool, allowing business partners from all around the world to conduct real-time meetings, conferences and presentations.


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Corporate Serviced Offices provides state-of-the-art Videoconferencing facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our equipment supports point-to-point as well as Multi-point Videoconferencing, with up to 4 simultaneous videoconferences displayed on large, high-resolution LCD TVs, so you can now be in 4 places at once without the need to leave town. Features include:


  • Up to 4,096 kbps enabled connections.

  • ISDN or IP connection options.

  • Multi-site bridging capability.

  • Presentation interface for PowerPoint, Word or Excel.

  • Exceptional sound quality via crystal-clear, full-duplex digital audio with noise suppression and echo cancellation.

  • Ability to record the Videoconference on request (DVD).

  • Trained on-site staff with 24 hours, 7 days accessibility.


Whether you are interviewing a candidate, participating in a board meeting or simply require face to face contact without the travelling, we help you reduce travel costs by up to 75%. Linked to one of the largest networks of public access video-conferencing studios, we provide full video scheduling services and on-site technical support throughout your Videoconference session to ensure your calls go through without a hitch at the lowest prices in town. To make a booking click below and you will receive a booking confirmation the next working day.


Prices start from SGD 125 / RMB 750 / THB 5,000 per hour.

Reserve your videoconference session now.



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