Advantages of Virtual Offices

First impressions mean a lot. Professionalism is the word when it comes to running a business out of your home or from overseas, but with limited resources and space, projecting a professional image can sometimes be tough. By offering a variety of services on a temporary or virtual basis, serviced offices allow you to reap the benefits of a full-fledged office without incurring the high costs.

Prestigious Mailing Address

Despite there being no justification whatsoever, people sometimes set more store by an official business address. A home address is unprofessional and clients tend to question the viability and stability of businesses operated from homes, whilst PO Boxes have the drawback of not being able to receive couriered packages. Corporate Serviced Offices’ prestigious CBD business address and stylishly designed offices in prime locations helps create the right impression for your company.


You need a full commercial office address to incorporate companies in Singapore (HDB or foreign addresses are not allowed). Not only is ours prominent and well-recognized, Corporate Serviced Offices can even help ease the setup process by providing one-stop services for company incorporation, company secretarial and accounting/audit services, and even local nominee directors in-house.

Professional Meeting Facilities

Meetings with clients can't always take place in cyberspace, or at the client's office. Corporate Serviced Offices provides time-limited access to private offices, executive lounges, conference or meeting rooms on an as-and-when-required basis, supported by professional secretaries, facilities and services to give your business the big-city prestige you need to secure the deal.

Dedicated Telephone Services

Let us suppose for a moment that the business only has one person and they are tied up with a client. What happens if another client rings? Or a prospect? They get an answer phone message which is at best inefficient and at worst will make them feel that they are not being taken seriously. Even if there are two or three people in the business, there could still be similar issues, because you won’t have one person dedicated to telephone answering, particularly if you are each working in your own bedroom, study, garage, etc. With Corporate Serviced Offices, all your calls can be answered all the time, professionally in your company name. We can tell callers that you're in a meeting with another client, redirect the call or take a message. You can then return the call at a time when you’re ready. This service has the added benefit of ensuring you don’t get unwanted calls – imagine how much more time you could spend on our business if you had no more calls from telecoms, recruitment and credit card marketing companies to deal with? You can now concentrate on your business.

Corporate Email

Something else to think about is the image of your email address. Which do you think your potential client will consider more corporate/professional: or Corporate Serviced Offices’ team can assist you to set up a professional domain name, website selling your services and personalized email addresses at a nominal cost.

Office Equipment

Most businesses are expected to have fax machines, so what would your clients think if you tell them you have no fax capabilities because you work from home? And what’s the point of using quality stationery if you're going to use a cheap and cheerful inkjet printer for your correspondence? Corporate Serviced Offices not only provides professional laser machines capable of printing in color but also copying, scanning, faxing and binding facilities. What’s more, overseas clients can simply send us softcopies of your documents and we’ll ensure they’re printed, cut & bound, sealed in professional envelopes and couriered to your client on you behalf. You don’t even have to be in-country to close deals.

IT & Internet Access

Boasting high-speed always-on Internet access, Corporate Serviced Offices ensures you are always connected to the Web. What’s more, our secure wireless networking capabilities means you can wander from the meeting room to the pantry with ever losing your internet connection. And our IT-staff are always available to lend a hand if you ever encounter computer problems.

Virtual Assistant

Corporate Serviced Offices' Virtual Assistant Service saves you the hassles of employing a full or part time assistant yourself with its associated issues of office space, equipment, or funds. You get a professionally trained receptionist / secretary always ready to assist you, and you pay only as-and-when you use her services - no office, no infrastructure = no fixed costs and no headaches!
Remember, regardless of what your potential and existing clients may think about the concept of businesses run out of their owners' homes, first impressions do count so do consider using a virtual office plan. And when you are ready to upgrade to physical office space, simply inform us at Corporate Serviced Offices – you won’t even have to change your address, phone or contact details as we can seamlessly use them for your office.