Business Center

Same as a serviced office. Used in the US despite its ambiguity of being also the term that refers to certain types of areas dedicated to conducting business in airports or hotels.

CBD or Central Business District

Commercial area and its immediate radius of 2 - 3 km, typically located towards the city centre, which forms the hub of all major commercial activity in a city. Most of the larger corporate entities, large retail outlets and financial institutions would be located in this area. The Real Estate prices here would be the highest compared to all the other locations in the city.


A sum of money given to ensure payment, generally paid to a landlord as part of a rental/licence transaction.

Executive Office

Same as a serviced office. Used in the US despite its ambiguity of being also the term that refers to government offices.

Executive suite

Essentially the same as a Serviced Office, the term "executive suite" is primarily used in the USA and may mean the entire Serviced Office premises, or a single office/room within.

Flexible Terms

Flexible terms usually means a tenant can move into an office just a few hours, days or weeks after signing an uncomplicated licence agreement and the period signed for can be as short as a few months, sometimes just a single month. This is in contrast to typical inflexible multi-year (often 3 to 10 years) leases for traditional commercial office space.

Furnished Office

Offices that come furnished with desks, chairs, credenzas, cabinets and other standard office furniture and equipment. The extent to which the office is furnished will depend on the centre but an office labelled as "furnished" will at least have basic furniture.

Hot Desking

When a workstation is used by different people at various times. These may be people employed by the same company (such as sales reps or job sharers) or the workstation may be let out to another company for use by their employees (such as when a company has a single employee in a new location).

Lease Agreement

A more structured and involved document than the typical executive suite license agreement, lease agreements usually require the assistance of a real estate agent and/or lawyers to draft and review, and are typically signed for periods of three years or longer. Also tends to attract stamp duties payable.

License Agreement

Simple and more flexible than a traditional lease agreement, a license is often used for short periods of time making them an ideal solution for executive office space. Usually no stamp duties apply.

Managed or Fitted Office

Managed office space typically has fewer options and services than serviced office space. Managed offices are also usually available to lease on shorter and more flexible terms than conventional office space.

Office Hoteling

Office space plan to house more people in less space by eliminating permanent offices for many employees. Allows organizations to reduce space costs by relying on technology to create the appearance of a permanent office.

Open Plan Offices

Offices that are not divided by floor to ceiling walls, often including break out rooms and meeting areas. Sometimes these types of office will have cubicles or other dividers.

Office Suite

Same as a serviced office. Used in the US despite its ambiguity of being also the term that refers to non-serviced offices.

Remote Assistant

Offered less often as part of a virtual office, a remote assistant does everything a remote receptionist does, plus more. They may organize meetings, arrange business travel, light clerical work, etc. Often this term is mistakenly interchanged with remote receptionist, but should not be.

Remote Receptionist

Offered as part of a virtual office, remote receptionists answer phones on behalf of businesses and take messages or forward calls as appropriate. Often they are simply receptionists purely handling phone calls.

Semi Furnished Office

Offices that are offered for rent with some furnishings. The extent to which they are furnished will vary.

Semi Serviced Office

Such centres do not offer all of the conveniences, facilities and services of a fully serviced office but does offer more than would be available with conventional office space.

Serviced Office

Serviced offices or business centres offer instantly available, fully furnished, staffed and equipped offices on flexible terms by the day, week, month, or year. They often provide Virtual Offices. They are generally a group of offices, often in a business centre or large office building, let on an easy-in, easy-out flexible licence basis. Serviced offices are normally fully furnished and come with additional services such as a manned reception, security, administrative/secretarial support, meeting and conference rooms, etc.

Shared Office Space

An office shared by two or more businesses. This is an option often chosen by new start ups as well as companies looking to expand into another location but not yet ready to set up a full team there. Often there will be some shared services such as administrative, maintenance and janitorial, but less than in a fully serviced office.


A class of mobile professionals who are equipped to work out of their house, cars, on-site at client workplaces.

Virtual Office

A virtual office service can be as simple as a mail box/address or as comprehensive as meeting rooms, message taking, secretarial services, administration and accounting as well as other business support services.


A workstation is essentially a desk. The term is often used to refer to the amount of space required for a single person working at a desk. Typically workstations include the desk, chair, some storage options, phones and internet access, and may include the use of shared common facilities like the pantry, copiers, office machines, etc.