What are Virtual Offices?

A 'Virtual Office' is simply a dedicated phone number and telephone answering service, as well as fax number and business address. It is ‘virtual’ because it gives an impression of the company having an office and staff at that particular location thereby giving you a credible, risk-free base for corresponding with clients. On any given day an organisation can occupy an office, as large as would be required, by simply renting an office for a day from the serviced office operator. Furthermore, a Virtual Office package may be accompanied by various options, such as a monthly quota that includes a set number of hours of meeting room or office usage per month.
As a client, you will have privileges to all our office facilities in all the locations including access to board or meeting rooms, executive secretarial services, and a wide range of other services and office support. A dedicated personal assistant can additionally be arranged for that important appointment or business function.