Issues to Consider When Using Serviced Offices


In many cities, serviced office spaces are dotted in different suburbs and buildings. The location is such a vital element to the success of your business for a few key reasons:

  • Clients must be able to easily access your office for meetings. If your company is hard to access, clients will no doubt find it all too hard to conduct business with you.
  • Staff also need a central location to come to work. Too far and you’ll find it difficult to recruit good staff.
  • Finally, choosing a location in a reputable area or suburb will give your business credibility. Staff and clients want to feel they are working with a solid and reputable business.


Next up on the list of things to consider is the amenities that are available on the floor, in the building and the building’s surrounding area. These amenities include:

  1. Bathroom facilities.
  2. Meeting rooms and conferencing technology.
  3. Kitchen and break areas.
  4. Reception services, including telephone answering, franking and postage.
  5. Eateries located close to the business.
  6. Proximity to banks, post offices and office supply stores.