Who Uses Virtual Offices?

Virtual Offices are especially suitable for individuals or companies who:

  • Need to create a professional corporate image.
  • Work from home or overseas but need a company identity with prestigious local address.
  • Need to hold meetings in the city.
  • Do not require a full-fledged office because of frequent travels or always out getting new business.
  • Miss calls because you're in meetings.
  • Want to test a new market at manageable cost.
  • Need localized assistance (e.g. overseas firms needing representative offices at low cost).
  • Starting operations and not yet ready to take on the expense of a permanent office.
  • Want to globalise swiftly without the standard capital outlay.
Our virtual clients include start-ups, representative offices, test marketers and even listed companies who find it more efficient to outsource their call answering services to our professional staff.