Who Uses Serviced Offices?

Business is volatile, risky and temporal by nature. With the increasing pace of change, companies look for property solutions which provide greater financial and tenurial flexibility. Particularly during the present unstable economy, committing to a lengthy lease agreement or mortgage when the terms of your business are constantly changing is a risk companies are increasingly wary of taking.
Serviced offices offer the freedom to work in a professional environment with reduced risks. Some companies in fact choose to solely occupy serviced space while others use it to complement their more permanent space. Others, like untested start-ups with no proven track records, have no choice because traditional landlords ask for large guarantees or rental deposits which would not only affect the cash flow of a new business when it needs it most, but can also lead to increased borrowing costs that sink fledging businesses.
Serviced offices are thus ideal for companies where:

  • You are unsure as to whether you will need to expand or contract the size of your operation due to unpredictable business growth rates.
  • You need a temporary space as you plan to change locations soon.
  • Management of your own premises is distracting you from focusing on your business.
  • The space in your current location is not being fully utilized, hence wasting money and management resources.
  • A prominent and prestigious office address in a central location is essential to your business.
  • You currently do not have the funds to rent a conventional office.
  • You have a short-term project and need additional office space.
All types of businesses use serviced offices as we offer solutions to your exact needs. For start-up or entrepreneurial companies, making a long term lease commitment is a great risk since they are not yet established. On the other side of the spectrum, companies that are experiencing growth and have run out of space in their current location can conveniently solve the overflow of new staff. This also applies to companies headquartered overseas but who need a place of presence for their operations in a different country. Business centres are also ideal as a short term solution for companies that are transitioning to a new location but are experiencing delays in its completion, as well as for project based organisations such as IT programmers, film production teams and lawyers working on a large case. They all appreciate the gains made from using a flexible property provider - unlimited business flexibility, better management of limited resources, lower overall costs, and more productive and satisfied employees.